The Steering Committee is the body assisting olympiad organizers and coordinating efforts for future olympiads.

It can be contacted at with general queries about the olympiad. Please make sure before writing that your questions are not answered on this page.

You may visit IChO Information Center if you are interested in the problems and the history of the International Chemistry Olympiads.

Members of the Steering Committee for IChO-2018:


  • I-Jy Chang, Taiwan (2016), chair
  • Fung Fun Man, Singapore (2016, 2014)
  • JL Kiappes, USA (2016)
  • Gabor Magyarfalvi, Hungary (2017)
  • Ben Pilgrim, UK (2017)
  • Peter Wothers, UK (2016)

Ex officio:

  • Ekasith Somsook, Thailand (2017)
  • Martin Putala, Slovakia (2018)
  • Petr Holzhauser, Czech Republic (2018)
  • Anne Symczak, France (2019)
  • Nobuhiro Kihara, Japan (2021)


  • Worawan Bhanthumnavin (Thailand)
  • Alexander Gladilin (Russia)
  • Cecilia Hernandez (USA)

Future olympiads:

Past olympiads: